Q- How do I start the commission process?

A- The custom order process doesn't have to be scary.  I have a great relationship with my clients and have many that are repeat customers!  The process starts when the client has an idea.  This is usually when they reach out to me.  It can be a very specific idea or a general one.


Q- What if I have a vague/ general idea but I'm not sure exactly what i want?

No worries!  It's nothing a phone call won't clear up!  I like for the client to pull a handful of my paintings off of Instagram or Facebook and send them to me and tell me what they like about them.  Be specific!  Do you like the Layout?  Do you like the colors?  Or, if you have a subject matter you love then find pics and send those to me.  After that, we can schedule a call to talk some of that out.  


Q- Do you paint from photographs?

If you have a photograph that you would like made into a painting I am happy to help you!  If it is a professionally photographed picture we would need to obtain the photographers approval.  If it is from the family photo album then that's perfect too!  


Q- How long is your process?

My current wait time is 6- 8 weeks.  I collect 1/2 deposit when the order is placed and the balance at delivery or at the time of shipping.  (If shipping out of town then the shipping costs will be calculated and added to the balance when it is shipped.) *Your order is not considered 'placed' until the deposit is received.  Email me on the contact page so we can discuss pricing and what you have in mind.


Q- What are your canvases made of?

Wood .  My husband builds each one according to the client's specifications.     


Q- What sizes can you make?

A- WE can make just about any size! The minimum order size is 16x16.