Q- Do you do customs?

A- Yes!  My pricing is listed below.  My current wait time is 6- 8 weeks.  Each wood canvas is handmade and can be made to order.  I collect 1/2 deposit when the order is placed and the balance at delivery or at the time of shipping.  (If shipping out of town then the shipping costs will be calculated and added to the balance when it is shipped.) *Your order is not considered 'placed' until the deposit is received.  


Q- Do you paint from ideas or pictures?

A- I paint from both!  If you have a photograph that you'd like made into a painting I am happy to help as long as it's not a professionally photographed picture (or we would need to obtain the photographer's approval).  If you have an idea in mind, I can work from that as well. 


Q- I'd like a size not listed below. Can you make it?

A- Absolutely.  WE can make any size larger than the 16x16 minimum order size.


2018 price list:

16x16     $450

20x20     $580

24x24      $700

30x30      $950

36x36      $1200

40x40      $1400

48x48      $1900

48x60      $2250

48x72      $2800